Mirch Masala brings authentic Indian cuisine, a perfect food station for people who enjoy food. Chaats from the streets of Delhi, curries cooked with herbs from the farms of Punjab, tempting biryani from Hyderabad and many more, served in the heart of San Diego.


Bringing to reality the love of your dreams takes a lot of effort and time. We can say with confidence Mr. Vinay Sharma and his wife Ms. Rekha Sharma nailed it when it comes to treating their guests to Indian food.


This restaurant has become a popular hub for many San Diegans to celebrate flavors with fervor.

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Indian Cuisine Restaurant in San diego
Indian resturant in San Diego
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“Never underestimate the power of good food. Eating delicious food can be a life-changing experience. “

                                                                                                                                                                  – Shon Mehta.

It all started 6 years ago – 2015.

It all began in 2015 “A big business starts small.” As the architect of Mirch Masala, Mr. Vinay Sharma along with Ms. Rekha Sharma brought to life their passion for savory Indian food. He brought to life his vision for Indian food by meticulously articulating and passionately capturing the flavor. Though at start, he was not an entrepreneur, but with his in-depth knowledge of herbs and spices -passed by his Vedic ancestors, curiosity to eat food but best Indian food – being a foodie himself, with his strategic thinking – he modified challenges into creative opportunities and fruitful solutions. Attraction towards food made him more efficient – to capture formula for good food. His resilience and determination towards handling rejections, stress, slow results – didn’t stop him. Fluent interaction and crisp networking with customers, peers, clients turned his prospects to customers and customers into sales. Cheerful persona and Vibe of setting a goal to build people and then people to build the business, made him a true-complete Entrepreneur

Indian restaurant in San diego
best Cuisine Indian restaurant in San diego
Disciplined, Open – minded, Competitive, Self- StarterA man who started his army with all these attributes, and moreover backed by Ms.Sharma made him kick-start his business.


Today the Sharma family brand is one of the best authentic Indian restaurants in San Diego. At Mirch Masala, we bring soul to our food. Every morsel has a touch of love.

Unfolding Mirch Masla

Unraveling Mirch Masala 

Mirch refers to the Sharma family’s qualities, Strength & Confidence.

Masala refers to our Authentic Spices & Herbs and we are all set to go!

Therefore, Welcome to an Indian flavor paradise: Mirch Masala 

Indian restaurant in San Diego

” No Matter What Culture You Belong, Wherever You Go, The Universal Power That Brings People Together Is – Food.”


                                  – Vinay Sharma, Founder of Mirchmasala2go.

“We thank you all for being a part of his venture.”