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  • garlic naan

    Garlic Naan

    Perfect flavored flatbread, stuffed with finely chopped garlic and topped with cilantro.
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  • butter naan

    Butter Naan

    Butter naan is a traditional Hyderabad flat layered bread, light and fluffy, unique in texture,…
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  • paneer-naan

    Paneer Naan

    Crispy yet soft. Indian bread filled with a mixture of grated paneer, chopped onions, and…
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  • Indian Cuisine Restaurant in San diego

    Aloo Paratha

    Whole-wheat bread stuffed with chopped onions, mashed potatoes, ¬†grounded spices. Topped with a pinch of…
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  • bullet hot naan

    Bullet Hot Naan

    Leavened flatbread loaded with fresh green chilies and freshly grounded masala.
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  • Indian Cuisine Restaurant in San diego

    Paneer Paratha

    Indian style cheesy- creamy bread, loaded with paneer, cottage cheese, assorted spices. Garnished with fresh…
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  • aloo naan

    Aloo Naan

    A tasty twist to naan. The soft bread is stuffed with mashed potatoes, finely chopped…
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  • Plain naan

    Naan is a traditional soft irresistible flat layered bread, mostly cooked in a tandoor (clay…
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  • Indian Cuisine Restaurant in San diego

    Tandoori Roti

    Whole-wheat flour bread, baked in tandoor (Clay Owen) ready to serve with any kind of…
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  • lachha paratha

    Lachha Paratha

    “Mirchmasala2go Lachha Paratha: A Tasty, Traditional Indian Dish”. If you’re in the mood for something…
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  • Kashmiri Naan

    Our Kashmiri Naan is a delicious, traditional flatbread. The dough is made with whole-wheat flour,…
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  • Plain Paratha

    Our Plain Paratha is a simple yet delicious flatbread made with flour and ghee. Perfect…
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